sábado, 11 de outubro de 2008

A beleza do Sábado (Chaises longues e Gold Card award)

Sábado dá vontade de

imagem via Flicker
Muitas horas preguiçosas na praia...
descansar , ler, namorar nesta day bed da Amazônia

ler ou assistir um bom filme nesta chaise longue da zang

também pode ser nesta da Dreamhouse

ou nesta da querida Laura Flores de Fiffi Flowers

tomar um chá quentinho nesta aconchegante chaise longue da Alkemie

ou ainda, quando a primavera realmente chegar,
relaxar numa day bed à sombra da varanda da Dreamhouse

E ficar curtindo meu primeiro Gold Card, premiada que fui por Lime in the Coconut, thanks so much Linda, as I said at your blog, it's my first tag, and the first tag we never forget! And following the instructions...

1. You may choose five people/blogs to give the award to.

2. Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog.

And the award goes to....

Filósofo de Pijama

Fiffi Flowers Design Decor

Love Your Homes

A mad tea party with Alis

3. One has to be a new follower of your blog or live in another part of the world.

Vintage and Chic

I believe that Leticia doesn't know my existence, but I really love her blog and this is the perfect ocasion for me to introduce myself!

And now, I must tell evrybody what Linda has asked me to
list 6 quirky yet boring things about me.

Here it goes:

1. I am an cleaning fanatic...and I simply can't see anything out of place!

2. I hate to do exercises, although I really need to do...

3. I am a Pepsi Light addict

4. I try to loose weight since I born and I beggin a new diet every monday at breakfast but it

only goes right untill the first frustation, that usually happens on monday morning, when I

eat an ice cream , or a chocolat , to compensate myself from the difficult of life....

5. Almost everyone who see me for the first time, think I am a snob person (some of them

continue to think after know me better, but the majority changes this oppinion...)

6. I simply can not deal with people who doesn't like animals
Well, these are only 6 things ( among many others) boring about me that I hope one day I can change...
Now it's your time, dears awards, to show the world yours!
Tenham todos um sábado do jeitinho com que sonharam a semana toda...

8 comentários:

alis disse...

Hey, thank you so much! I feel like I won the golden ticket :)
Your 5th and 6th facts are the same with me :)


Fifi Flowers disse...

Thank you! FUN to read about YOU!
BTW... I find it interesting the way you spell Fifi... with an extra "F" ... it makes me want to say Fifi with a BIG French accent... LOL!
ENJOY your weekend!

Ana Balbinot disse...

Dear Fiffi!
Please help me: what is BTW?
Well, the extra F, I think it´s really a kind of accent, isn´t it?

Love Your Homes disse...

Dear Ana, muito obrigada para ser tao amável.
Bye The Way, I really agree with you regarding animals. There is no home without a pet.
Parabéns, Ingela

cotedetexas disse...

cute post - love the chaises!

thank you so much for your comment today and I love your music!!!! I am going to keep it on and listen.

Luiz Borges disse...

Ana, thank you for my blog-gold-card. A kiss.

Unknown disse...

Hi Ana, thank you so much for your lovely words!! And yes, I already knew your blog, and would like to congratulate you for it! Keep up the good work.

Fifi Flowers disse...

B T W means by the way